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How do I update the quick dial buttons on my desk phone?
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Step 1:

Under Employee Bookmarks, locate Phone "User Control Panel" and login.  


Your username is your extension number and if you are at a different phone than you have been prior (in the event of a room change for example), you will need to do a "Forgot Password?" and either type in your username (phone extension) OR your email address.  You will be able to set the password to whatever you desire.


Step 2:

Upon logging into the Phone User Control Panel for the first time (if you have already logged in before and are currently updating your phone skip to Step 3), you should see a screen like this:


As seen, there is nothing configured to edit, to do that click the "plus sign" in the top left corner of the screen.  Do not mistaken the "plus sign" in the top right corner, that will not give you the options you need.


Now locate the "Device Management" Widget in the options:


Now add the phone or phones you want to edit - most individuals will only have one phone to add.  This number only varies if you have multiple physical phones as shown in the image:


Add the phone you want by clicking the "plus button" shown on the phone in the list.


Note: If I wanted to edit my other phones, I would need repeat the instructions in step 2 and add each phone to my dashboard.

Step 3:

On your dashboard, locate the "gear" icon on the phone you want to edit.


You will know see a screen with "Line Keys" with an incrementing number going down to the number twelve.  Beside each Line Key, there is Type, Label, Value, Account. The line keys correspond with buttons on the home screen of the desk phone.  The left side of the phone are the Line Keys 1-6 while the right side are the Line Keys 7-12.  Note you will only be able to edit eleven of the twelve line keys.  The first Line Key (even though it's not listed on picture below) is your extension and whether it is registered with the phone server.

As a safety protocol, we have the "District All-Call" as the first button so substitute teachers/patrons can dial that in the event of a lockdown (if they need to inform everyone of the event etc).  After that you may add/edit any other button to your personal preference.

A button cannot be skipped in the configuration for organization purposes, as the phone will not acknowledge the blank button and put the next configured button in it's place.  For example, if you configure Line Key 4 as a blank button (or leave it blank) and configure Line Key 5 with a speed dial, the phone will not follow that pattern as of today (12/9/2021).  The phone will bump all your speed dial buttons up, so Line Key 5 will become Line Key 4 on the phone.  

There are several options when configuring your speed dials.  For instance the "Type" does matter and there should only be two that you may want, those are called "BLF" and "Speeddial." 

BLF stands for "Busy Lamp Field" and is only beneficial for internal extensions and not phone numbers.  This option will allow you to do "Line Monitoring" in a sense.  So if you use BLF, the LED will light up when that user is in a phone call or blinks when they are receiving a call.  This is beneficial if you are trying to catch someone to talk to them.

Speeddial will work just like the BLF in regards to making a call but does not give you a status to see if they are busy or not.  It is recommended if you are programming a cell phone number as a button to use the "Speeddial" option instead of "BLF." It's mainly for visual appearance.  There is no way for the phone server to monitor external devices such as like cell phone or another business.  If BLF is used, you will get a "Red X" on the button - you will still be able to call but that emblem sometimes bothers different users. 


So you will indicate the Type first, which is either "BLF" or "Speeddial," then the Label and the actual Value.  ALL Line Key options will need to be "Account 1" any other account indicated will result in that Line Key not being configured on your phone.

The "Label" is what the button label will called on the phone while the "Value" is the extension or phone number you want the phone to call when the button is pressed.

Note: If you are calling an external phone number, make sure you put a "9" in front so the system knows to dial out just like if you were typing in the numbers yourself. 

Once you have configured your buttons, scroll all the way to bottom of the screen locate the "Save."


Change this to "Save, Rebuild Config(s) and Update Phones and hit "Apply" which will result in your phone restarting and updating with the new configuration.

For Building Secretaries/Admin/Counselors with the optional sidecar.

To edit the "sidecar" buttons which is an attached module that gives a phone more buttons, a different window has to be edited.

You will follow edit your device like that in Step 3, but you will click "Exp 1" on the top to access your other buttons:


You will get another list of Line Keys, but it goes from Line Key 1 to Line Key 84 for each sidecar. These are edited in the same way as the other line keys as indicated in Step 3. 

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