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How do I update my MacBook?
Last Updated 10 months ago

Step 1

Open the “Launchpad” on the dock of your Mac. The icon for the launchpad could be different depending on the version of MacOS your computer is running. To open the launchpad, simply click the icon. The newer versions will have a “multi-colored waffle” looking icon:

Multi-colored Waffle 


While the older Macs will have a “rocket emblem” looking icon:

Rocket Emblem


These two items are the exact same thing in regards to functionality – Apple just updated the icon from the rocket to the waffle.

Step 2

Now a window with all the different applications has opened up, and you can search through these applications either by manually scanning or using the search bar at the top of the screen:


Search for “Manager” as that is the application we are looking for and will need to open. When searching for it, results may bring up more than one option – please refer to the indicated icon below (the orange square is highlighting the correct icon):


Step 3

In Manager, also more commonly known as Mosyle, you may see one of two screens. If you see Screen B, skip to step 5.

Screen A:


Screen B:


Step 4 – Self-Service

On Screen A (from the previous step), locate the “Self-Service” button and click it. Upon clicking that option, your screen should look like Screen B.


Note: At any point it may ask you to login, you will use your Google Email username and password.

Step 5 – My Commands

On Screen B, locate the “My Commands” option and click it:


Step 6 – Execute MacOS Update

Click the Execute button on the line that has “MacOS Update.” This will tell the system to update your MacBook to the newest version.


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